"After Fireworks" is a new series I am currently working on.  There will be a total of 10-12 in the end.

Each image is constructed from small sets (2 ft square) that I build in my studio. The backdrops are pastel drawings and the trees are laser cuts or 3-D trees. The fireworks are fiber optics that I attach to everything from slinkys to head scratchers. 

The scenes are sourced from found Flickr streams. This way they seem like the substance of experience, not just representations.  

The moment when a firework explodes is the moment when expectation and realization are melded together in a spectacular second of heightened desire and fulfillment.  It is a moment of ecstasy suspended forever.

These photographs show a moment of arrested time: both because they are in miniature (childhood time) and also because time has literally been frozen.